Kamus Bahasa Madura


Dapatkan buku Kamus Bahasa Madura : By  Adrian Pawitra


Prof. William D. Davies (University of Iowa USA), dalam bukunya “A Grammar of Madurese” diterbitkan 1 Juli 2010, dalam Chapter I Introduction halaman 7 menanggapi Kamus Madura-Indonesia (Adrian Pawitra) :
“Most recently, a new dictionary has been compiled by Adrian Pawitra (Pawitra 2009), At nearly 750 pages, Kamus Lengkap Bahasa Madura-Indonesia is a monumental work which includes pronunciations in phonetic transcription for each entry as well as etymological information, definition in Indonesians, Madurese synonims and some common expressions. I regret that the manuscript of this volume was completed and thus could not have been more extensively consulted”

Dapatkan buku Kamus Bahasa Madura di:
Gramedia Tunjungan Plaza, Gramedia Expo, Gramedia Royal dan Toga Mas serta toko buku lainnya.




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